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 Dick talked the Chelsia last night.

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Dick talked the Chelsia last night. Empty
PostSubject: Dick talked the Chelsia last night.   Dick talked the Chelsia last night. Icon_minitimeSat May 10, 2008 7:41 pm

Got this from Jokers. It's a recap by splice.

Quote :
-The chatters wanted dick to call chelsia..most the room loves her
-Dick talked about how great the REAL interview was with her and was going to find out why it wasnt uploaded. Basically asked her if he could used his umm fingers on her to test her out and see if she was fresh or not during the interview

-She was Drunk LOL (during this chat tonight)
-Shes moving out of her apartment tomorrow
-She hates myspace because shes not good at working it
-She hates when people use religion in the house ( like nat did)
-she basically told her parents when she got out... "this is how I am take it or leave it"
-James told her about the porn last day in SH. But she said he only said he did 1.
-She doesnt care about the porn , but was hurt he lied about how many. She found out because someone(i think her mom) said something about his porn when she got out.. and she defended him saying she knew about it and didnt care .... and he only did one so who cares.. and she was heartbroken cause she told her "No chelsia its not just 1 its like 15" ( i think thats what she said it was hard to hear)
-So she was "heartbroken" James lied to her about it because she doesnt judge him is extremely openminded and thinks he shouldnt be ashamed of his past but just dont hide who he is to her thats all. If he would have told her that he did a few of them she would have said .."cool .. i understand ..and moved past it" {she was getting a bit worked up/intense you could tell she still cares for him ALOOOT}
-Shes hurt that he hasnt called her. Dick defended him numorous times saying he did but her brother or dad hung up on him and he lost his phone.
-She said it was her brother and she was pissed off. And got mad and him immediately called James back and apologized and said that would NEVER happen again.

-Someone (her mom or friend) I think she said ..was saying they saw something james did like a interview and said he seems like a good guy and that they would give him a chance and get to know him ( it was really hard to hear so correct me if Im wrong anyone)..she went on to say how she thinks hes a amazing person and she doesnt care about his past and doesnt judge him.. just wanted him to be straight up with her thats all.

-She said its really hard because she doesnt know how to feel right now, its hard when you " FALL in love with someone" and they are both in this situation where they are really busy in thier lives ect...and regardless of anything shell always love him and be friends if anything for sure.(but she doesnt know whats going on cause he hasnt called her lol.. (again bringing this up.. this seems to really be bugging her)..to which everytime Dick defended James saying about the brother thing and the phone situation..chelsia said ..that he has 2 phones and knows her number)
-Dick told her to call bar107 thats where hes at.. she said .. that he should call her.

-ED told her to just come to Vegas tomorrow cause him and James are going
She said shed love to but is moving out of her place tomorrow..shes got to "get the ***** out of IOWA"

-Shes doing a photo shoot with a certain person ;-) (yay)

-Throughout the chat , Mick (shelias son) wanted Ed to hang up the phone so he could call chelsia cause he wants her LOL. HE said hell be 18 soon and shes all HIS lol he did this the whole time she was talking to dick which was over a hour i think.

-Chelsia was really upfront about everthing...lol.. she never did anything with matty in SH
-ED asked her how she handled James unit if it was stabbing her in the stomach?.. she got more quiet here and just laughed it off. didnt talk much about that. Just laughed alot why Ed made comments regarding her sex life with james.
-Did mention earlier she understood why her parents were upset cause she got intimate with james and was wild .. but she didnt care and they need to get past it cause thats who she is and shes not changing.
-Her family was ridiculed about her and were very embarrassed.
-ED asked for a BJ from her haha chelsia laughed and asked if cameras would be there or something like that
-She said that her ex was at a bar or something and she totally could have screwed him but didnt...something about james telling her she was just going to go back to iowa and screw her ex and she told him she wouldnt or something...but she was proud and impressed with herself that she didnt...but totally could have.
-Dick wants to hang out with her when she gets to LA shes all for it but said shell be really busy the day she arrives.
-He asked her to come in a few times into the room but then the subject changed.. suprisingly CHELSIA was talking DICKS ear off LOL..he couldnt get a word in hardly at all.. He even put the phone out from his head and just let us here her talk lol.
-he asked her if shell see james when she gets out there and she said that was up to him but she wants to sit down with him and talk and see him for sure.
-She told Dick that he caught her off gaurd tonight when he called cause she out partying.
-Added ..she talks to

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Dick talked the Chelsia last night. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dick talked the Chelsia last night.   Dick talked the Chelsia last night. Icon_minitimeMon May 12, 2008 4:55 pm

I was in Dick's room when he called her! She was funny. Love her!!
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Dick talked the Chelsia last night.
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